How often do your carpets need to be cleaned?

Carpets need to be cleaned every 6 months or at least once a year. Why? Your carpets will last longer as your carpets pile gets damaged when walking on it by treading on the fine grit/dirt trapped deeper inside the pile which grinds against the pile causing damage by flattening more quickly. Vacuum cleaners only remove about 60% (if it’s a really good one). Also vacuum cleaners don’t actually clean carpets- they only get off some of the surface dirt as mentioned. Hairs and dust can still be trapped in the coils /fibers of the carpets.

So how to get carpets properly cleaned:

  1. Vacuum with industrial grade machine
  2. Apply eco-friendly new technology micro splitting product. Not solvent based products.
  3. Then use an agitation brush machine to loosen the trapped dirt and re-lift the pile.
  4. After that a deep steam clean (dislodge “wash ” and soften-ie mud) combined with twin powerful vacuum to suck out dirt/water
  5. Then rinse for a stabilised pH balance for dye stability.

    This all to get a safe healthy environment and longer lasting carpets.

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