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What makes us the best!

Premium cleaning means we go much further in the cleaning process. We use 5 step specialized, extra deep clean for Carpets, Upholstery and Mattresses.

All our products are eco-friendly!

We offer:

* High end 400psi Equipment for  superior cleaning & shorter dry time

* Bacteria & Dust mites destroyed

* Special stain removal techniques

* Carpet rejuvenation and pet hair removal with special  Brush machine

* Eco friendly pet/child safe products

* No residue with special rinse

* 100% money back guarantee if water is not dirty and the majority of stains not removed

Why Choose Us?

As a qualified technician, I strive to provide a superior service using up to date advanced technology combined with the latest High end powerful equipment with eco friendly products. To also provide a Carpet& Upholstery cleaning service bar none that not only cleans but rejuvenates and rinses carpets to leave them in a protected state with no residue left behind.

Eco friendly Products

‘Microsplitting’ Detergent-Free Cleaning Chemistry:

Micro-splitting cleaning solutions are free of potentially hazardous volatile organic compounds and manufactured from food grade compounds or food grade preservatives.

They are environmentally aware and are non-hazardous to humans, animals and the environment! They are safe in use for customers and technicians.
They do not bio-accumulate in humans or the environment, and neither do they impact on the necessary and beneficial flora and found present in wastewater treatment facilities.

‘Microsplitting’ Detergent free cleaning chemistry is totally free from any added synthetic surfactants, and is primarily manufactured from processed and refined food grade Sodium Salts, either Sodium Phosphate or Sodium Citrate.
In addition they are also free of oxidizers, reducing agents, bacteria, enzymes and hazardous solvents.

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Contact Number: +447306033882